Insurance liability slip and fall

Insurance Companies Tell Businesses to Prevent Falls

Insurance companies are warning business owners about exposure to liability that can occur as a result of on-site falls. Insurance companies tell businesses to prevent falls.

In general, big and small corporations need to be cognizant of the sheer magnitude of insurance claims in relation to injuries begot from falling.

Did you know?

1. In the US alone, there are twenty-five thousand injury mishaps related to falling

2. One out of five accident hospital visits are in regard to slip and fall injuries

3. It is estimated that about sixteen thousand accident deaths are as a result of slip and fall mishaps.

Although homeowners need to do what they can to prevent accidents of this nature, the repercussions for the commercial world, where workers, customers, contractors and visitors frequent, point to even greater risks for losses and damages.

How to Prevent Fall Risks at Your Business

• Maintain a garbage and spill-free floor. Clean up any litter or liquid mess as soon as possible to prevent slips and falls.

• Spills made of hazardous liquid need to be wiped and cleaned as per government’s guidelines.

• Never leave tools around where someone can trip over them. Keep them in an organized spot for easy access when needed.

• Watch out for floor areas. If there are any nails that stick out, pull them out or nail them.

• Make sure all floors are splinter and hole-free.

• Keep inventory separate from walkways and in neat, organized piles.

• Have ‘no storage allowed’ signs posted in areas used for walking.

• Freshly mopped and wet floors should be cornered off with a warning sign to pedestrians.

• Spaces that are a slip and fall hazard should be obstructed with a ‘no passing’ warning sign.

• Slippery floor surfaces should be re-tiled or covered with non-slip matting.

• Install new flooring (or tiles) over damaged floors.

• Carpeting and tiling should be in good condition and fastened securely to the floor.

• Ensure all walkways have proper illumination. Add decorative mirrors to reflect light.

In this day and age, when many offices use virtual employees, it is also wise to set the standard of safety to protect businesses from related fall injury and potential lawsuits and Workers Comp claims. Compounding the situation is the grey line involving an injury related to employment duties at the home work station and those unrelated.

The problems can be minimized by

• Scrutinizing the home work site for safety measures

• Assigning a definite remote work space with set work times

• Teaching remote employees about preventing work-related injuries.