living high on the hog video

Living high on the hog kills retirement (Video)

living high on the hog video
living high on the hog video


According to Wiktionary


An allusion to the best and costliest cuts of meat from a hog, considered to be parts above the belly such as the loin, rather than lower parts such as the feet, knuckles, hocks, belly, and jowls.

US, late 1800s;[1] popularized 1940s. The variant forms – live/eat and on/off – are attested since at least the 1930s.

However decades earlier is the phrase on the hog, originally on the hogtrain meaning someone living on little expense.

According to Merriam-Webster

High on the hog is an idiom

that refers to a type of lifestyle that reflects

in a luxurious style. Those movie stars live pretty high on the hog.