Effective Marketing techniques for Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant marketing strategies for restaurant management

As mobile devices become more prevalent, the marketing landscape is changing dramatically. Consumers no longer trust or look to older forms of marketing such as TV or print ads.

The Changing Marketing Landscape

Through internet search and social media, consumers are in greater control over the information they receive every day. Older, standby methods like direct mail and outbound calls won’t get you the leads you want on a consistent basis without spending an arm and a leg. This is something that startups and entrepreneurs are shying away from.

Today’s marketing challenge is reaching and staying visible to your target market.

Tips for Keeping Your Brand Visible

Most customers don’t make a buying decision the first time they come into contact with your brand. Multiple studies have shown that it takes several touches with your brand before the customer will make that buying decision. We’ve heard numbers ranging from 3 touches to 7 touches to solidify your brand space in someone’s memory. Our tips for keeping your brand in your customers’ minds:

  1. Consistently be where your customers are.
  2. Give them something of value.
  3. Begin to build a relationship of trust with their first interaction with your brand.
  4. Establish repeated points of contact.
  5. Show your innovation!

Innovative promotional products can help you achieve all of these goals.

Ever wonder why trade show products create such a brand buzz? It’s because trade shows are showing off the most unique and innovative promo items that create value for a client or customer. An example is the promo product logo pens. These pens used to be the cutting edge of brand giveaways. Now, more often than not, they sit in a drawer.

While a good promo product can effectively get your brand to stay in front of customers, offering you the touches you need to stay relevant in their minds, a promo product that also provides value to the customer skyrockets your brand. An example of this would be screen cleaner stickers or usb chargers with your logo on them. These types of promo products offer outstanding value to a client, who then uses the giveaway over and over, flashing your logo constantly to themselves and all the people that are around them. Screen cleaner stickers for phones and tablets follow customers around wherever they take their devices, which is everywhere. This is an example of an effective promo giveaway that small businesses should be clamoring to take advantage of. They don’t break the bank, like some of the traditional marketing routes.


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