Financial budgeting Methods-Budgeting-methods-finance

Financial budgeting Methods-Budgeting-methods-finance



What is a Minimalist Budget?

Think of this type of budget as a minimalist approach to personal finances. Basically, a minimalist budget is where you’re making sure you’re not spending any more than you need to, or the bare minimum for the lifestyle that’ll make you happy. As in, you spend less than you make and still have enough to reach your financial goals, like retirement.

Keep a critical eye on Your Spending Habits

How many $10 lattes did we buy this week.

Focus on Your Spending Habits

Eat before you go grocery shopping

Essential Accounts only

Pay off those Macy’s credit cards asap.

Keep planning Simple Easy

If your financial advisor is talking over your head. He’s probably talking over your budget.

Focus on Keeping What’s important in Your Life

This is simple but not easy. We are creatures that dream. Separate your dreams from your reality. But, most of all, learn to KISS it. Keep it simple stupid.


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